Battered and bruised

Christopher Mitchell Allen is a living testament to the enduring power and resiliency of the human spirit. By the age of 21, he had already experienced four catastrophic and life-threatening traumas.

When he was eight, he contracted a deadly super flu that left him isolated for weeks in a quarantine unit while battling a viral infection. One year later, he received third-degree burns on both legs and spent several months in hospital while undergoing major skin grafting operations before learning to walk again.

At 19, a devastating head-on car crash nearly took his life. Chris found himself trapped in a smashed wreck for nearly two hours while firefighters struggled to cut him free. Near death, Chris had an out of body experience. It took a team off emergency surgeons working shifts to save his life and rebuild his body. The rehabilitation that followed was brutal. Finally, when he was 20, Chris was diagnosed with serious cardiologic issues and forced to under an emergency open-heart surgery.

Nobody can face repeated traumas and come out unchanged. In fact, Chris says, it wasn’t the traumas that caused the most damage: it was what came afterwards. Before the accident, Chris had been a high-level competitor in both rugby and martial arts. However, the extensive injuries he suffered pushed Chris’s dream of a professional sports career out of reach.

At first, Chris turned to his other passion: music. The creative process provided much-needed catharsis, helping Chris to manage his depression. However, the reality of post-traumatic stress disorder soon overwhelmed him. As isolation, frustration, and despair transformed into hopelessness, Chris spiralled into alcoholism and drug addiction, his self-destructive rage leading to frequent blackouts and drug overdoses.

Ultimately, it was a life-threatening drug overdose in 2006 that marked the turning point for Chris, inspiring him to check into a rehab centre. There, he he began the slow and painful process of working through the wreckage and coming to terms with his experiences. 

A new beginning

At first, relapses were frequent. But Chris picked himself up each time, determined to break free of his addictions. By focusing on breathing, meditation, visualization, yoga, physical fitness, nutrition, and his deep connection with nature, Chris steadily rebuilt his focus, confidence and positive energy.

Settling in Thailand, Chris found work at a health and wellness detox centre. He now had a purpose. His passion for helping others manage challenges and health-related issues came naturally, enabling him to connect with others at the deepest levels.

Meeting ayahuasca

When Chris was nine years old, a bucket of burning gasoline was kicked on to his legs. The details of the trauma—from the smell of burning flesh to the agony of his recovery—made a strong impression on his young self and stayed with him for many years. He was particularly affected by the experience of spending three and a half months in the burns unit of a children’s hospital: Chris lived with the sounds of other children enduring their own painful recovery, and the sudden absence of those who didn’t make it.

Needless to say, he arrived at his first ayahuasca ceremony with a lot of trauma to process. After the ceremony began, he purged violently for ten minutes. Shortly afterwards, his visions began. Chris found himself back in the children’s hospital, surrounded by burn victims, and resigned himself to the fact that he was in for one of the longest nights of his life.

But then a beautiful vision of Mother Ayahuasca came to him. She took the form of a gorgeous young girl, surrounded by lush green plants. A crown of hummingbirds danced around her head. She smiled the most beautiful smile Chris had ever seen and scooped him up like a newborn baby. They spent the next four hours traveling the universe with Chris under her wings. He experienced exquisite visions, profound peace, and a total release of his deep-rooted trauma. 


This is the healing power of ayahuasca,” says Chris. “It’s something that I dearly want to share with all people who are suffering and in need. This is what miracles are made of.

What are Chris’s specialties?

Chris is an international health and wellness coach with over 20 years of experience in the fitness industry. He has worked with professional athletes and beginners throughout North America and South East Asia. His skill set includes mixed martial arts, yoga, meditation, and detoxifying in the pursuit of weight loss, strength, and conditioning. Christopher has a deep love of life and movement. He is excited to share his passion with you in a transformative session that will leave you feeling energized and inspired.

Retreat facilitation

Chris' most important role is managing the whole guest experience. This is of course critical throughout the retreat, having dedicated facilitators both in the experience and in between your experiences to talk to, decompress and integrate. But it also includes includes first contact - Chris' WhatsApp is linked at the bottom of each page on this website - and post-retreat follow up. 

With such extensive experience in trauma from personal experience, as well as having facilitated retreats and healing experiences for others for two decades, Chris is a pillar of your experience. We deeply believe in providing an incredibly personal, connected approach to each guest's experience. This needs full time focus from someone with the experience and depth to go there with you: Chris is your person!

Fitness coaching

Chris offers fitness and wellness coaching throughout our retreats for those who wish to take up the offer, as well as before or afterwards for those who intend to take a longer stay in the Sacred Valley. 

Dynamic Stretching - In this session you will develop a stronger connection between your mind and body. The emphasis will be on connecting your breath to movement. We’ll use dynamic stretches and mobility drills to open up your body while releasing stress and tension. This energetic practice is the perfect way to start your day, preparing yourself for all other forms of activity and reducing the risk of injuries.

Primal Fitness - Get back to the basics with this fun and challenging fitness plan. Gain strength, agility, and stamina through a combination of plyometrics, calisthenics, and animal movements. Bodyweight training is proven to make you stronger while lowering the risk of injury. Perfect these exercises and you will improve your overall quality of life.

Combat Conditioning - Kick and punch your way into amazing shape. This activity is for all fitness and experience levels. We will use mixed martial arts drills and techniques to take your conditioning to the next level. Have fun and become completely engaged with these training tactics that guarantee results in a short period of time.

This is a big topic, we'd love to talk to you

It's not very common for people to share their phone number online.. but we know that a deep earth medicine work is a deeply personal experience and deserves deeply personal attention. One of my roles here is to talk to anyone interested in learning more about our experiences. -- Chris