Our Team 

we want you to understand who we are and why we love this work

Our philosophy

At Earth Medicine Experience, we’re dedicated to helping you make rapid and substantial progress toward deep transformation, spiritual growth, increased creativity, and the expansion of your consciousness. Our team places you at the center of the retreat experience: we believe that, with the right support, you can discover, within yourself, the keys to personal transformation. 

To help you achieve this, we’ve adopted a philosophy underpinned by three commitments: 

  •  1 To create a safe and inclusive experience by welcoming guests from all walks of life into a comfortable and supportive environment.
  •   2. To inspire guests to undertake an inner journey of self-reflection by helping them clarify their intentions, integrate new insights, and explore healthier, more productive ways of being.
  • 3. To use only the purest traditional medicines, administering them responsibly and with great respect for the shamanic practices of the Amazon.

We know that working with traditional medicines can be both challenging and rewarding. Sometimes, you may need a friendly, compassionate person who you can trust to listen without fear of judgement; other times, you may prefer to be alone for quiet meditation and reflection. Either way, our team will adapt to your needs.

We believe that, when you create a change within yourself, that change can radiate outwards, with far-reaching and transformative effects. However, it starts with you: that’s why we want you to have the best experience possible. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Chris for a chat.

Hi, I'm Kunti!

Learn more about Kunti, the Mexican medicine woman, Kambo and Bufo Alvarius master. She brings her wisdom and experience to assist you in your journey by serving some of the most powerful medicines we work with and leading some of our most transformative ceremonies.

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Hey there! My name's Chris

Chris, the co-founder of Earth Medicine Experience, shares his own story of how ayahuasca helped him to heal decades-old trauma. 

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Salut! My name is Sébastien

Sébastien is the creative and marketing brain for Earth Medicine Experience. He joined the team in 2020 after many ceremonies as a guest. He met Chris and Kunti in 2018 and even wrote about it: "Stairway to Healing: The Crooked Path We. Travel". 

He is on a journey to help people find their authentic selves through creativity and plant medicine. When he can attend our ceremonies, you'll find him sharing his magic with his smile, flute, mouth harp, harmonica, and drums. 

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