Our Earth Medicines 

An OVERview of the WORLD'S most potent natural MEDICINES

The Philosophy of Earth Medicines

On this page you will find our philosophy and information on different traditional medicines we work with. We use a range of native medicines that offer powerfully transformative experiences, allowing people to rediscover, reconnect and explore. Our retreats also integrate other natural healing practices, such as movement, breathwork, and the enjoyment of sustainable, healthy food.

Naturally occurring DMT

There are many plant medicines that have strong effects on human consciousness. We specialize in plant medicines that contain potent sources of DMT. DMT—or N,N-dimethyltryptamine—is a naturally occurring chemical present in small quantities in the human body and in many plants and animals.

A complete understanding of DMT will require much continued research, but it seems to be produced in the body at death and birth and may be implicated in dreaming and sensory awareness. One thing is for certain: DMT is capable of catalyzing profound experiences that lead to healing, expanded awareness, creative growth, and personal transformation. Several of the following medicines are natural sources of DMT.


Ayahuasca is a powerful traditional medicine that has been used for thousands of years to promote healing, inner exploration, and self-reflection. 

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Bufo Alvarius ('Toad')

Bufo is a potent natural medicine that contains the most bio-available form of DMT. It facilitates a powerful journey of consciousness.  

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Kambo is a cleansing medicine which can deepen experiences with the medicines that follow. It is a traditional method for opening the physical and mental bodies. It comes from the secretions of a species of frogs and causes deep cleansing on the mental and emotional levels, and can also stimulate powerful purging. Kambo is not a psychedelic medicine but, rather, promotes purification and protection. 

Wachuma (San Pedro), Rapé, Tobacco, and Psilocybin

We also work with Wachuma (San Pedro), Rapé, Tobaccoa and Psilocybin. We use these medicines respectfully, carrefully and selectively to support transformative and healing experiences. If you have questions, please contact us.

Lifestyle medicines

While experiences with plant medicine can be transformational, we also believe in the power of simpler practices to do just as much for our wellbeing and state of mind. As a result, our retreats combine plant medicine with three modalities:  


We have found that breathing practices support deeper, more relaxed and more powerful ceremonies.

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We offer personalised fitness and wellness coaching for guests during their stay (or even before/ after on request.)

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Real Food

We cook delicious and nutritious food for our guests and provide full support to follow a traditional preparation diet for those who wish to do so.

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This is a big topic, we'd love to talk to you

It's not very common for people to share their phone number online, but we know that earth medicine work is a personal experience that deserves personal attention. One of my roles here is to talk to anyone interested in learning more about our experiences. -- Chris