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We are a diverse team offering a life-changing experience in Peru’s famed Sacred Valley.

Rediscover. Reconnect. Explore.

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The Earth Medicine Experience is about rediscovering who you really are and where you fit.

The Earth Medicine Experience is a private and personalized retreat for individuals committed to deep healing, personal transformation, and the pursuit of enduring insights about the nature of the human experience.

We’ve created a safe and beautiful environment in which small groups can explore the mysterious world of traditional Amazonian plant medicine while supported by a compassionate, highly experienced, and dedicated team.

We’re not affiliated with any religion or contemporary spiritual movement. Instead, we share a belief in the power of time-honored rituals and traditional medicines to promote deep healing at every level—physical, psychological, spiritual, and emotional.

Embedded in the ancient healing traditions of Amazonia’s indigenous people, the Earth Medicine Experience eschews a ‘one size fits all’ approach to work with who you are. We believe that each individual must be given the respect, space, and time to work with traditional medicines at their own pace. As such, you will be supported in your journey, not led, and given the freedom to explore yourself as deeply as you wish.

After all, there’s no one reason that people feel called to undertake ‘the work’ of personal transformation: some guests hope to achieve profound emotional healing, while others seek to expand their consciousness and gain new insights. No matter what your intentions are, our team will do their best to provide a rich, authentic experience that prepares you to re-engage fully with the precious unfolding of life.

Upcoming retreat:
December 2021

Guest stories

"What sets them apart from other retreats is their personal service and attention to each guest’s needs through their journey with the various plant medicines...

Kunti has both the wisdom and nurturing of an Earth Mother which is perfectly balanced with Chris’s warrior spirit and humor. Pepe is the real deal! Powerful shaman, amazing ayahuasca ceremonies that are truly other worldly. His icaros are indescribable, sound like the voices of more than one man, and last the entire 5-6 hour ceremony. 

Kunti has many years working with The Sonoran Desert Toad, which is the most powerful and transformative medicine you will ever experience. Having a toad ceremony with Chris and Kunti is worth the trip itself.

I cannot express what a safe, positive and fulfilling experience I had, with lots of self reflection and lots of laughs, in a beautiful secluded retreat surrounded by nature, with modern comfort amenities. I will definitely be back."


"I had an absolutely amazing experience during our retreat facilitated by Chris and Kunti. All aspects went way beyond any expectations I had. The medicine work was intense, powerful, and transformative. Chris made sure everything was taken care of - down to the smallest detail. Kunti was a master of ceremony - the blend of her nurturing compassion and fierce warrior spirit was a perfect combination to create a safe space and support our personal work. The sacred valley, facilities, and food were fantastic. I would go back in a heartbeat."



We only work with the purest plant and animal medicines. None of our medicines undergo any processing or adulteration. They come naturally from the earth, and we present them to you in their original form.


A Mexican medicine woman who has conducted thousands of medicine ceremonies; a respected Shipibo shaman who comes from a long line of healers; and a warm hearted Canadian with many stories to tell—these are the remarkable individuals who make up our unexpected, yet beautifully passionate team. They bring a wealth of knowledge from their very different backgrounds and share a love for helping people benefit from transformative mystical experiences.


Our retreats take place at a beautiful, purpose-built centre in Peru’s Sacred Valley, nestled in the foothills of the Urabamba Mountains. You’ll stay in gorgeous rooms, nourished with lovingly cooked local produce and experience your ceremonies in stunning malocas flooded with natural light. Our centers are built sustainably with natural materials to to facilitate grounding, opening and vast expansion of consciousness.

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Choosing to embark on this journey can be an intimidating process. We want to connect with each of our guests personally to make sure they feel comfortable and that our program is right for them. So, if you’re curious, please don't hesitate to get in touch with Chris.